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Editor's Notebook October 2022

Profile Staff - October 2022

It's over … no, not the N.Y.S Highway & Public Works Expo. That's fast approaching, and I'll get to that in a minute. But the New York State COVID-19 state of emergency was officially lifted on Sept. 13 as Gov. Kathy Hochul opted to let the emergency declaration expire. Let's face it, though; I think many of us let that expire a long time ago. Nonetheless, COVID numbers remain low and the governor also lifted the mask requirement on public transportation.

Last year's N.Y.S. Highway & Public Works Expo was the first one since the pandemic essentially started in March 2020 and the show was a huge success from both the exhibitor and attendee perspectives. There was high enthusiasm and strong attendance and based on the booth sales up to this point, we expect an even bigger Expo later this month.

Again, I want to remind everyone that there'll be a free lunch for you and your crews thanks to nine lunch sponsors — ALTA Equipment, Tracey Road Equipment, Stadium International, Austin Farm, Henderson, Milton CAT, Admar Supply, Tenco and J. Russell Group.

Also, I want to call your attention to page 54 in this issue where you'll find the beginning of the Expo exhibitor listings. There are a lot (I know because it took me a really long time to put them together and get it ready for press.) I also want to direct you to page 68 where you'll find a pretty cool product, which is being brought to the U.S. market by Lorusso Heavy Equipment, a Massachusetts-based equipment dealer who'll be exhibiting at the show.

Finally, I want to thank all of you who are exhibiting and all of you who are planning to attend. Seriously, without you continuing to read this publication and supporting the show, this, of course, is not possible, and I greatly appreciate it.

So, that's it. Enjoy this month's Profile about Barbara Czworka and her crew in the town of Bethany and we all look forward to seeing you on Oct. 19 in Syracuse. P